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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Traditions

I can always find an excuse to make a dessert. I got to spend New Year's Eve with my nieces and mom. We hadn't planned on doing a party, but the girls were sitting around bored. I only see them a few times a year, so of course I couldn't let their time with me boring. I kept thinking about what we could go out and do, but nothing came to mind and money was an issue.
Finally we got out the good ole crayons and colored a banner to welcome in the new year. We colored, cut, and taped paper chains to hang on the ceiling. Then we made party hats to wear...although they made us look more like garden gnomes more then anything :)
Lastly, what is a party without a cake??? So we made a cake. I printed out large 2013 letters and placed on top of the frosting and spread sprinkles all over the cake till you couldn't see anymore frosting. Then slowly and gently I removed the paper letters.
Then I thought of the idea to place candles on the cake so the girls and my son could blow out wishes that hope for the next year. I think this will be a new tradition for me. This year we did it after dinner since my son is too young to stay up till midnight, but when he gets older I think it would be nice to blow out the candles at midnight and eat a slice of cake with our sparkling cider.
Happy New Years to everyone and I hope everyone's wishes come true!

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  1. That is so much fun and I LOVE the cake - what a great idea! Definitely a tradition to keep!