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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Project

 Easter Tree

Ornaments can be found at Michael's but I got these from my mother-in-law

Kydan helping me paint toilet paper rolls to make flowers

Toilet paper rolls cut into 6 pieces but I only need to use 5 to make the flower.

Pieces glued together using hot glue. 

cut out squares of tissue paper. I missed a picture. Take Elmers clear glue and place a puddle on a paper plate. Place the flower down in the glue pull up and place on tissue paper. Let dry.

cut the excess paper 

all finished cutting

using elmers clear glue and a paint brush paint some glue on the tissue paper in the flower. Add glitter.

these sticks you can buy in the baking isle at walmart they are commonly used for cake or cookie pops. I happened to have some lying around so I painted them green for the stem.

with hot glue add a a yellow pompom 
and glue on the stick.

Here is a jar that I painted. Using acrylic paint I squirted one color in the bottom and around the edges. shake and bang around until it spreads. add more colors above the fist color. This was my first time using this technique so hopefully the next time I make one it will look better.

all finished