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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Learning With Food

To Help Kydan learn to recognize his name and the letters in his name, we made cookies! Any excuse to make cookies is a good excuse and since both Kydan and I love cookies I knew it would be a great way to get him to cooperate! We also learned A B and C since those are the letters he is learning at school this month.
For this activity I made Chocolate Chip Cut Out Cookies. I used the recipe from this website....

Getting ready to go in the oven!

Yummy vanilla milkshake to go with the cookies!

 A B C with yummy chocolate milkshake

Kydan enjoying his snack

Just a little fun I had with Picasa and Kydan's name :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Creative fun!

 Here are a few of the things I have been keeping myself busy with this past week.
Me and a friend went to the dollar tree this past week and it took all our strength to not buy a TON of stuff. It was like craft heaven :) In the end we only bought some felt, a few storage boxes, and I bought some clothes pins.
With the felt we cut out Super Hero logs and hot glued them to the storage boxes we bought. This was an idea we found on pinterest. I think it turned out pretty nice.
Here is the link to the website we got the idea from:

I also took an old t shirt and cut out a cap and placed a superman logo on it. I made the cap blue instead of red because I didn't have any old red shirts I wanted to cut up. This was also a pinterest idea. To see directions on how to cut out the cap here is the link:

I have also taken our spare bedroom and made it into Kydan's school/art room.  Here is how I organized his art supplies.

I love those shoe holders. We have one on like three different doors throughout our house!

Here is his art work display...

Also we were told at church last week to dress our child up as an animal because they would be learning about Noah's ark and Noah was going to come and collect the animals. It was a lot of fun seeing all the different animals at church today and I think it is a great learning tool to get kids involved like that. 
I was given a few plain white t shirts for Kydan a while back and have been waiting for an idea to use them for something so this was the perfect opportunity. I just bought some black acrylic paint that said it could be used on fabric and I painted some stripes on the shirt. The cutest little zebra was the result!

 It was a fun week!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Activities with a 3 yr old!

Being that Kydan is an only child he doesn't have any siblings to keep him occupied during the day...and I am not the most social person in the world so some days Kydan ends up watching TV way more than he should be. Thankfully, we were able to afford to send him to PK3 this year two days a week! So happy that he will be around children his own age and I hope he makes a connection with one or two :)
Kydan LOVES to help with everything from mowing the grass (I let him help me push the mower), to helping me bake. To help keep my VERY active boy from being bored these are just a couple of things we have done recently.

this is Gary and Kydan making a bird feeder out of a pine cone, peanut butter, and seeds.

Ok so I still don't know how to flip pictures on here so if anyone knows how, please let me know how you do it!
Here is Kydan eating a banana we covered in peanut butter and dipped in sprinkles. We used a cake pop stick for him to hold it so he wouldn't get too messy.

Here he was learning how to cut. The shapes he cut out he would then glue onto a piece of paper. Thought this was a nice activity in helping him learn how to cut and paste.

Learning the color red! They are learning the color red at school this month so I thought I would continue the learning at home on the days he doesn't have school. My son LOVES to pile things. He never really plays with toys, he just piles them in random places around the house. He has been doing this from the time he started walking. So added that to his learning process. I had him find objects that were red and then run to place it in the pile. Another the end we would count how many items he found and he would get an M&M for each object he found. He found 8 red items!