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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sewing Project with my mom! (bedside book holder)

I found this on Pinterest and really wanted to make one for my son's bed.
This is neat

The problem? When I press the link on pinterest it takes me to a website that says OPPS! Which means I had no instructions on how to make it. So I found another blog who which did have instructions for a similar bedside book holder.
Bedside organizer with directions

Since my mom came to visit for a week, I asked her if she would help me since I have no sewing experience. Of course she said yes!

these fabrics will be used for the pockets. I wanted three pockets each being a different design. These are
21-1/2" x 18-1/2" they were a $1.79 a piece. we folded these pieces of fabric in half so that they measured 21-1/2"x9".  should note that the nice side of the fabric was on the inside when folded it.

next we took batting and cut it out around the pocket fabric. Batting costed $5. we got it on sale! 

then we pinned the pocket fabric on top of the batting. we sewed all four sided leaving a small opening on the 9" side wide enough to place your hand through. Once sewed, put your hand through the hole and pull it right side out. Than sew up the hole. Most quilters will make an invisible stitch but we didn't go through all that trouble. 

this is what it looked like right side out.
than we sewed diamond designs on to it (see below picture)

I did sew one pocket myself but it took me forever! So I let my mom do the other two :)

 One finished!

we used a 2 yd pieced of muslim fabric for the backing. We bought this at walmart for about $7 I think.
here we are placing the pockets where we want them. NOTE: we hemmed in the bottom and top of the muslim fabric about an inch.

My mom doing the hard part of sewing the pocket material onto the muslim fabric.

we had a lot of the muslim fabric place under the mattress to make sure the weight of books and toys in the pockets would not cause the the whole thing to slide out.

this what the inside of one of the pockets looks like.

finsihed product! My son loves it!

in total this project was less than $20!